Sunday, 21 June 2015

Patchwork cushions

A friend gave me a pile of fabric samples the other day, and so I decided to create these beautiful patchwork cushions out of them.

Makeup Bag

I had a productive day in front of the telly the other day and made this makeup bag!  It is perfect to store all of my everyday makeup, and will be good to pack on holiday.
I created two zipped compartments, the bottom with a gusset to allow extra space, and at the top i created a space to store my makeup brushes.  I did not use a commercial pattern, I just created my own as I made it and it turned out well!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Sunday Lunch

On Sunday I went on a bike ride with friends to a pub and had this delicious burger and chips by the canal!

Porridge Breakfast Topped with Banana and Agave Syrup

This morning I wanted something sweet, so I made porridge topped with banana and agave syrup - a healthier alternative to golden syrup.  It was a tasty start to the day!

Mango and Banana Smoothie

Last night I wanted a yummy energising drink to get me through the evening and I made this mango and banana smoothie which was delicious!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Toy Story Alien Costumes

It was recently my last day at school where everyone in the year dresses up.  I went as the aliens from Toy Story with eleven other people (only eight of us in the photograph below) and created all of the costumes for the group.

In order to make the hats, I stitched felt shapes onto the green beanies we had ordered, before glue gunning half polystyrene balls onto the front and drawing pupils onto them.  Lastly I stuck a pipe cleaner through the top for the antenna.

For the rest of the outfit I ordered green gloves and blue dresses and leggings.  I then make a belt with a tie back out of blue fabric and stitched a felt buckle onto the front.  I also made purple felt collars which I stitched to the necklines.  I also printed out the alien's logo, laminated them and added a safety pin to the back so we each had badges!

Here is a closer view of one of the outfits.

The outfits were such a success and we all had a great day!

1960's Coat

Almost a year ago now I made a 1960s coat for part of my first year in Textiles A-level.  I used a grey wool herringbone fabric with a pink patterned lining.  There are two large pockets on the front, bound button holes and a large collar.

Here are the photographs of my finished product!

Last Night's Salmon Dinner

A simple, hearty meal last night.  I baked sweet potato fries which were delicious and served them with a salmon fillet and tender-stem broccoli.  A perfect end to the day.

Salmon fillet, Sweet potato fries and tender-stem broccoli drizzled with balsamic glaze.

Brown Rice and Chicken Salad Lunch

Lately I am trying to be more healthy, and this lunch I had today was simply delicious!  I had this in between revising for my exams (which are next week!) and it feels great to fill my stomach with meals like this one rather than junk food as I and many other teens going though A-levels turn to on a regular basis.  It doesn't take long to whip up a scrumptious salad like this one and you will feel healthy and energised afterwards!

Brown rice, chicken, feta cheese and lots of greens.