Thursday, 7 April 2016

April Mini Haul

Yesterday I went on a shopping trip and thought that I would share some of the things I got.

Firstly, I got three more packs of these copper coloured metal hangers from Primark.  I am obsessed with these lately and think having all matching hangers in your wardrobe makes it look so much better and feel much less cluttered.  These are £3 for a pack of five, which isn't too bad seeing as I wanted similar hangers from somewhere else last summer and they were £7.99 for five, however if you need quite a lot of these so that all your hangers match (like me) you end up spending quite a lot.

Next I got the St Ives Apricot Scrub which I haven't used before but I wanted to try a different exfoliator and I have had it recommended to me by friends.  I paid £3.00 in Wilko for this 150ml tube.  

I also stopped at Lush and got my favourite bubble bar The Comforter for £4.95.  I love the bubble bars because unlike a bath bomb this lasts me much longer.  It says to use half of it in your bath but I use even less than half so that it lasts me a few baths.

I also went to one of my favourite clothes shops, Zara and got this stripy, ribbed top.  I love the colours of the stripes and it is perfect for this time of year because the nautical colours are more summery however the long sleeves still keep me warm as it is spring and unfortunately the British weather is not yet up to summer temperatures.

I then went to a great shop to get random bits and bobs, Tiger.  In there I got some supplies I will probably use in my next project, some gold fold-back clips which are great for clipping in small fabric samples etc.  I usually use the usual black and silver clips but saw these gold ones and had to have them.  This cost £19.99.

I also got some mini brown tags as they are so useful to have and to label things either in sketchbooks or for gifts.

I also got this dress from Topshop which is a black and white stripy long sleeved dress.  Recently I've been really liking wearing dresses as I've been getting a bit bored of jeans everyday and this dress is perfect with it's monochrome colours and the long sleeves again to keep me warm in the British weather.  This was £15.00 in the sale.