Tuesday, 16 August 2016

DIY // Marble Desk

I am obsessed with marble at the moment.  I am constantly faced with beautiful interiors online with marble desks, coffee tables, and many things that make me very jealous, as I, a 19 year old, cannot afford real marble.  So this method using sticky back plastic is perfect for anyone on a budget!

I bought my roll of adhesive film from Amazon (link below), however you can get lots of different versions depending on what you want.  I have also seen it in Wilko if you do not want to buy online, however make sure that the one you buy is wide enough for your desk/table that you are going to cover.

I started with this desk, you can use anything that you want to cover this is just the desk I already had and was in great need of updating.

You will need:
A desk/table that you want to cover
A roll of marble sticky back plastic / contact paper
A cloth for cleaning
Grease remover (sugar soap would be fine)
A small towel
A rubber surface scraper (you could use a piece of cardboard or even the side of your hand!)
A friend to help you when sticking it down

Let's start making:

Firstly clean the table using the grease remover and the cloth, and then dry with the small clean towel.

Make sure you have another person to help you at this stage.  Start at one end leaving enough overhang to stick round the edges. 

Slowly pull back the backing paper whilst pushing out all the air bubbles with either your hands or the rubber surface scraper.  I actually found using mostly our hands was more effective.

Trim the edges leaving enough overhang to stick it under the sides of the desk.

Press firmly to stick down all the edges under the table top edge one side at a time.  When you get to each corner, trim upward to the corner point and stick down. (See photo above.)

This is what the corner edges will look like when completed.

Then you're all finished! A complete transformation from the original dated piece to this beautiful and modern desk that could cost a bomb if bought on the high street.



Glossy marble sticky back plastic that I used from amazon:

Wilko marble self adhesive film:

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Wardrobe transformation

Let's face it, nothing is ever finished - I have recently come to realise this.  Chores, projects, decorating, etc.  Whenever I have to conclude a project, such as art or DIY, there is always more that I want to do, and I could go on and on, never finishing anything, I'm a terrible procrastinator!  

Home improvements are something that I like to carry out in my bedroom especially.  As I am 19 and at university, I still live at home out of term time, and that makes my room the only place in the house that is truly mine to do whatever I want with.  This is something that I have taken advantage of, as I redecorate and redecorate to my hearts content.  I am forever changing my mind, enjoying a new trend or being spontaneous with the design of my room - I even have a black chalkboard wall.  So, over the next few posts I wanted to share a few small things I have recently done to my room since returning home for the summer that are affordable and I think would work well in other people's homes. 

My wardrobe was a cramped, untidy space that was not a pleasurable space to use when getting dressed in the morning.  The first thing I did was clear out my clothes and donate unwanted items to charity - I had so much that I didn't even like anymore or didn't fit well so a clear out was long overdue.

I also looked through what I was hanging and limited it to things that actually needed to hang such as shirts, blouses and dresses, and I put trousers and t-shirts in drawers.  This freed up a lot of space so it wasn't so jam packed and I could actually see what I had.

The next thing I did was a couple of months ago I started buying these rose gold hangers from Primark.  These were £3.00 for a pack of five.  I really wanted them all to match as I think it makes your wardrobe more aesthetically pleasing and doesn't have to break the bank as there are lots of cheap options available.

I then looked in my wardrobe which is built-in.  On the back wall were residues of stickers and blue-tack stains which did not look good as you can see above!

I could have painted over these marks, however I wanted something more fun which was why I decided to decorate it.  I didn't buy wallpaper (I did use quite a lot of printer ink though!) as I just printed a design I found online and stuck them in a tile repeat design.  This came out really successfully as I now love how my wardrobe looks.

Alternatively you could paint the inside a different colour, or use actual wallpaper.  You can also get quite large wallpaper samples free so you could try to create a patchwork of wallpaper samples and then you wouldn't have to pay!

I accept that I will not ever finish decorating my room, that's what it's all about, having the freedom to make it your own - so own it, be creative and do something that reflects your personality.

So look at home decorating as non-permanent.  Don't be afraid to go one shade darker or try something you would usually shy away from, it can all be changed and it could be the best decision you've ever made!

Thursday, 7 April 2016

April Mini Haul

Yesterday I went on a shopping trip and thought that I would share some of the things I got.

Firstly, I got three more packs of these copper coloured metal hangers from Primark.  I am obsessed with these lately and think having all matching hangers in your wardrobe makes it look so much better and feel much less cluttered.  These are £3 for a pack of five, which isn't too bad seeing as I wanted similar hangers from somewhere else last summer and they were £7.99 for five, however if you need quite a lot of these so that all your hangers match (like me) you end up spending quite a lot.

Next I got the St Ives Apricot Scrub which I haven't used before but I wanted to try a different exfoliator and I have had it recommended to me by friends.  I paid £3.00 in Wilko for this 150ml tube.  

I also stopped at Lush and got my favourite bubble bar The Comforter for £4.95.  I love the bubble bars because unlike a bath bomb this lasts me much longer.  It says to use half of it in your bath but I use even less than half so that it lasts me a few baths.

I also went to one of my favourite clothes shops, Zara and got this stripy, ribbed top.  I love the colours of the stripes and it is perfect for this time of year because the nautical colours are more summery however the long sleeves still keep me warm as it is spring and unfortunately the British weather is not yet up to summer temperatures.

I then went to a great shop to get random bits and bobs, Tiger.  In there I got some supplies I will probably use in my next project, some gold fold-back clips which are great for clipping in small fabric samples etc.  I usually use the usual black and silver clips but saw these gold ones and had to have them.  This cost £19.99.

I also got some mini brown tags as they are so useful to have and to label things either in sketchbooks or for gifts.

I also got this dress from Topshop which is a black and white stripy long sleeved dress.  Recently I've been really liking wearing dresses as I've been getting a bit bored of jeans everyday and this dress is perfect with it's monochrome colours and the long sleeves again to keep me warm in the British weather.  This was £15.00 in the sale.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Winter outfit - A day out in Oxford

A comfy outfit for a chilly day out in the city walking round museums and shops.

Nike trainers - Nike internationalist in black.  Since I got these in December I have been wearing them everyday, they are so comfy and go with everything.  I think a simple pair of trainers are a necessity. 

Red tartan scarf - I actually got this in Scotland from a shop but these are available all over the high street, and for me it is a classic item in my wardrobe that I wear all the time.

Jeans - Black high waisted Levis jeans.  I love my Levis - I have one denim pair and this black pair and I have had them for a long time especially compared to my other more affordable jeans that always seem to need replacing!

Bag - Accessorise Ruby Tote Bag in Black.  This is a new purchase for me and I absolutely love it!  It is a great size, minimalist style and has become a staple part of my wardrobe.

Jumper - Zara cropped chunky knit roll neck jumper - I'm not sure they still sell this exact one but it is a popular style and I'm sure there are similar ones for sale.  This jumper is extremely warm and has been a favourite of mine this winter.

Denim jacket - vintage large jacket.  A denim jacket is something that anyone can wear to create an effortless everyday look.

Sorry it has been a while since my last post but January was busy busy busy!

Let me know some of your staple winter wardrobe items.