Tuesday, 16 August 2016

DIY // Marble Desk

I am obsessed with marble at the moment.  I am constantly faced with beautiful interiors online with marble desks, coffee tables, and many things that make me very jealous, as I, a 19 year old, cannot afford real marble.  So this method using sticky back plastic is perfect for anyone on a budget!

I bought my roll of adhesive film from Amazon (link below), however you can get lots of different versions depending on what you want.  I have also seen it in Wilko if you do not want to buy online, however make sure that the one you buy is wide enough for your desk/table that you are going to cover.

I started with this desk, you can use anything that you want to cover this is just the desk I already had and was in great need of updating.

You will need:
A desk/table that you want to cover
A roll of marble sticky back plastic / contact paper
A cloth for cleaning
Grease remover (sugar soap would be fine)
A small towel
A rubber surface scraper (you could use a piece of cardboard or even the side of your hand!)
A friend to help you when sticking it down

Let's start making:

Firstly clean the table using the grease remover and the cloth, and then dry with the small clean towel.

Make sure you have another person to help you at this stage.  Start at one end leaving enough overhang to stick round the edges. 

Slowly pull back the backing paper whilst pushing out all the air bubbles with either your hands or the rubber surface scraper.  I actually found using mostly our hands was more effective.

Trim the edges leaving enough overhang to stick it under the sides of the desk.

Press firmly to stick down all the edges under the table top edge one side at a time.  When you get to each corner, trim upward to the corner point and stick down. (See photo above.)

This is what the corner edges will look like when completed.

Then you're all finished! A complete transformation from the original dated piece to this beautiful and modern desk that could cost a bomb if bought on the high street.



Glossy marble sticky back plastic that I used from amazon:

Wilko marble self adhesive film:


  1. This is such a great idea, your new marble top looks super cute!

    Emma at www.collagemepretty.com

    1. Thanks! I'm really happy with it, it's made a big difference to my room!